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  • Unlock Your Potential

    1 season

    Unlock the masterpiece within you, with the same mindfulness concepts and skills that George Mumford challenged both MJ & Kobe with. Some of the greatest generational talents known to humankind have turned to George Mumford to unlock their own unique inner masterpieces. In this Super Neural cours...

  • Coach's Cut by SPRNRL w/ George Mumford S01E01

    MJ & Kobe's mental performance coach, George Mumford, joins Coach's Cut by SPRNRL to share the same strategy & techniques he employed with two of the greatest athletes of all time.

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  • Force Hockey IQ with Chris Zarb on SPRNRL

    Chris Zarb, the President of "Force Hockey IQ" and a former NHL draft pick, works with some of the top elite youth athletes in the United States to help them unlock next-level performance through the development of their "Hockey IQ". New Jersey Devils rising star Luke Hughes developed his Hockey ...

  • Mark Recchi - How I Played The Game

    1 season

    Long viewed as an underdog in his early years, HHOF inductee and Stanley Cup champion Mark Recchi shares a powerful story of challenge and triumph. Hungry and growth-minded youth athletes stand to benefit in both life & hockey from Recchi's hard-earned lessons and principles. JULY 12th RELEASE DA...